Learn C++ Quick and Easy!

Learn C++ Quick and Easy!

Learn C++ quickly and easily through concise, fun examples.
What you’ll learn

  • C++

  • Programming

  • Computer Science
  • None

What you will get from this course:

· A great basic understanding of C++ in a short amount of time.

Topics Covered:

· Getting started with a Hello World Program.

· If-Else Conditional Statements

· Comparison operators

· Arithmetic operators

· For-loops

· Boolean Data Types

· While-loops

· All Data Types in C++

· Library Classes

· Basic Input and Output

· Arrays of One Dimension

· Arrays of Two Dimension

· Functions

· Switch Statements

· Logical Operators

· Structs

· File Input and Output

· Pointers

· Pass by Reference vs Pass by Value

· Sorting with Bubble Sort

· Classes (very important!)

* STL (Standard Template Library) – Very useful!

Who this course is for:
  • Those wanting to learn C++ quickly and easily.
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