Learn ARcore,make your Room interact with Unity 3D physics.

Learn ARcore,make your Room interact with Unity 3D physics.

Arcore: AR in (Unity,C#) make augmented reality for android without Spark Ar nor Vuforia
What you’ll learn

  • Arcore

  • Arcore Global Theory

  • unity3d

  • unity

  • physics

  • unity import 3d model

  • fixing pivot of 3D model in unity

  • Spwaner

  • HelloAR

  • C#

  • Arcore Detected Planes

  • Making The Real floor accept unity3D Physics

  • Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality Concept

  • Fixing Errors
  • no

Making The Floor Physic Changing Programmed Prefab and Adding Iron Man 3D to the Room.

Transforming the famous Stack Game to AR using Arcore anchors.

If you are a 3D modeler, this Tutorial Fit you, you can see your 3D model in real life !!

if you are a developer this is a good start to learn Arcore in Unity3D Engine.

Skills to Learn:

Arcore Global Theory Explanation by Diagram.

Arcore Integration.

Making The Floor Physic.

Integrating your own 3D model.

Discovering HelloAR Arcore scene.

Arcore C# code Reverse Engineering.

Why Unity3D ?

-Already contain Physics Engine

-Arcore Team supports Unity3D engine as first periorty.

-Unity is designed for mobile devices

Why Arcore ?

This should be related with your project need:

if your project is based on Image Target detection you sould use Vuforia SDK

else Arcore is the best in all.

Arcore detect the floor.

Arcore detect Walls

Arcore detect roof

Arcore is more flexible cause it use anchors, Vuforia use only the center of the imageTarget as The center of the world

Arcore VS Vuforia

Arcore Quality is better

Arcore Developement cost is more expensive

Arcore Developement time is more than Vuforia about 5 times

Vuforia Errors can be seen in Editor Consol always, Arcore somtimes the InstantPreview.apk don’t work in the device side.

You should verify that your android or iOS device is supported by Arcore :

in their official website.

Aren’t you interested in :

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Who this course is for:
  • Unity3D Beginners Want to discover Arcore or Unity
  • 3D modelers want to see their 3D models in Real World Augmented Reality
  • 3D Artists want to see their 3D models in Real World Augmented Reality
  • Unity3D Intermediate want to own new skills
  • Games Consumers want to enter production industry


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