Lead & Empower Agile Teams To Achieve Success

Lead & Empower Agile Teams To Achieve Success

Increase your Agile team’s success today with servant leadership, trust & management behaviour that uplifts & empowers

What you’ll learn

  • How Agile teams respond to management practices in their environments
  • The importance and benefits of empowering a team to be successful
  • Self-organisation in teams and how this enables creativity and improved product
  • How large organisational hierarchies dampen team innovation & collaboration
  • Agile practices allow teams to set their own deadlines and manage their own work
  • Empowered expert teams drive exponential success through innovation
  • Teams need empowerment, support and trust to get on with their job
  • Question based leadership is better than command style management
  • Servant leadership lifts others through service to the team objectives
  • Managers can put their organisational authority at the disposal of the team
  • Trust based leadership supports and empowers collaborative team environments


  • Desire to improve and empower Agile teams for success

Who this course is for:

  • Managers, leaders, coaches and team members in Agile environments


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