JSP (Java Server Pages) Training

JSP (Java Server Pages) Training

Become a Full Stack Web Developer. Learn core concepts of JSP and build interactive & complex web applications using JSP

What you’ll learn

  • Describe JavaServer Pages and their relationship to servlets and J2EE generally
  • How to build database-related Web applications using JavaServer Pages
  • Fundamentals of Java server side web development
  • How a JSP is translated into a servlet and processed at runtime
  • Newer features and techniques, including JSP expressions and the JSTL tags
  • Know everything about JSP and learn to apply JSP code to build a web application
  • Manage cookies to store client-specific information at various scopes and duration
  • How linking is done with database through coding
  • How to build a fully functioning JSP and Servlets web application from scratch
  • Understand and use Java Database Connectivity
  • Write JavaBeans and access JavaBeans from servlets / JSPs
  • Use JavaBeans to implement effective interactive JSP applications
  • Use JSP tags and understand JSP JavaBean scopes
  • How to use JSP forwarding
  • Use Model, View, Controller methodologies
  • Enumerate and use the implicit objects available to scripting elements
  • Explain the use of directives on JSPs and outline the principal directives
  • Implement simple JSPs that use Java code in declarations, expressions and scriptlets
  • Use Java exception handling and JSP error pages to handle errors in JSP applications
  • Implement session management for a JSP application
  • Describe custom tags in JSP and explain how they are implemented
  • Describe the various uses of XML in JSP applications
  • Deploy a logical Web application to a Web server in a WAR file
  • Implement an interactive Web application using HTML forms and JSP


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!

Who this course is for:

  • Web Developers & Java Web Application Developers
  • Full Stack Java Developers
  • Java/J2EE/JSP Developers & Programmers
  • Anyone aspiring for a career in Web Development
  • JSP & Java Servlets Programmers
  • Software Engineers & Developers
  • Newbies & Beginners wishing to learn the full Java stack – Java, JSP, Java Servlets
  • Senior Java Developers & Lead Java Developers
  • Java Consultants & Principal Java Developers
  • MEAN and MERN Full Stack Web Developers


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