Jazz for Beginners

Learn Jazz techniques & combos


Course Overview :

The dance form was introduced to America by the African slaves in the 19th century, they performed with their knees bent to the ground with rhythmic clapping and tap dancing. Americans mocked the dance form but it happened to spread worldwide, and was highly admired in Europe. It rose to recognition in the 1940’s and 1950’s when Jack Cole merged modern dance techniques with jazz style. Learn the basics techniques of jazz with the renowned Svetana Kanwar. Also get to learn two Jazz choreos!

Instructor Overview:

Founder of the all girls Jazz crew The BOM Squad, Svetana has had professional Dance Training from International as well as national faculty in Jazz for 7years, ballet and contemporary for 6years from the institute where she started her Dance career. She started training 13years ago and has been teaching for over 10years, having mentored more than 200 students over the years. Currently the crew has their own growing youtube channel, and they are constantly working on growing and spreading Dance and the different forms of Jazz. Stronger together, is what she believes in . Sexy , strong, fierce, badass , she and her crew represent the many moods of a woman through their versatile Dance videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginner in Jazz
  • Someone who knows other styles of dance but wants to learn Jazz
  • Someone who has tried learning Jazz earlier but got lost in the vastness and discontinued

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