Japanese language course: MISJ NOVICE PROGRAM LEVEL 1

Japanese language course: MISJ NOVICE PROGRAM LEVEL 1

Go beyond the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way

What you’ll learn

  • ・Finish learning ひらがな & カタカナ reading and writing, and start learning かんじ
  • ・Review and expand the topics of conversation introduced in the WELCOME PROGRAM, such as greetings and talking about places, things, and yourself & family.
  • ・New topics of conversation include inviting someone to join you, honorific questions, talking about schedule and existence.
  • ・New topics of grammar include how to add the MEANS & the COUNTERPART information, how to use ADVERBS to show the frequency of taking action, several 「ますFORM」based expressions, and how and why the particle usage and word order change during conversations
  • ・Review and practice how to use the particle「は」and「も」during conversations.


  • ・・Have some experience of learning Japanese and willingness to learn more about the Japanese language and culture
  • ・Have some English listening and reading ability, because, although the percentage becomes low as lessons go by, most explanations are still in English
  • ・Can read basicひらがな andカタカナ up to 80%.
  • ・An open mind to accept the new approach, the way of study

Who this course is for:

  • ・People who have finished learning the MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM up to about 80%.
  • ・People who can read 「ひらがな」and「カタカナ」up to about 80%.
  • ・People who learned with the popular textbooks such as 「みんなの にほんご」and “Japanese for busy people,” and still have difficulties even in daily speech and writing.
  • ・People who are puzzled with the Japanese grammar, especially the particle usages, and need more precise & clear explanations.
  • ・People who want to quickly review the basic grammar and expressions concerning NOUNs and VERBs in「ますFORM」necessary to pass JALP N5 & N4
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