Crafting Invitations with Elegance and Precision

A Guide to Formal and Informal Invitations & Reply to invitation


In this course, we will discuss:

1. What is an invitation and why is it used for?

2. Invitation letters are of two types. Which are those types?

3. What is the meaning of formal invitation. Name the two types of formal invitation.

4. What are the various features of a formal invitation?

5. Formal invitation should answer to the 5Ws. What are those?

6. What is the format of Formal Invitation and Informal Invitation?

7. What is the format of an invitation letter to the Deputy Commissioner inviting him as Chief Guest

on Annual Day Function of your school?

8. What is Informal Invitation? What are the various features of an Informal Invitation?

9. How to write date correctly in invitation writing?

10. Why is it essential to give reply to Formal or Informal invitation?

11. What are the various features of Formal Reply (Refusal and Acceptance)?

12. What is the format for Accepting or Declining the Formal Invitation?

13. What are the features of Informal reply (Refusal and Acceptance)?

14. What is the format for accepting or refusing the Informal invitation?

15. What is the format of Birthday Party Invitation Format?

16. Drafting the format of Wedding invitation.

17. Write the format of Annual Day Function.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested to learn “Invitation Writing”

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