Introductory Data Science for Investing and Trading

Free APIs and powerful visualizations using python – Jupyter Notebooks included


This Introductory Data Science for Investing and Trading course is designed to teach you 3 main things using python:

1) Download data from public APIs such as Yahoo Finance, The World Bank, EUROSTAT, SEC Edgar, FINRA, etc.

2) Perfom some basic analytics using python, like calculating mean and median returns, volatility, correlation or maximum drawdown. Along the way you will learn basic commands for pandas, numpy and other libraries.

3) Make powerful and nice visualization for your data and calculations using libraries such as Matplotlib, Plotly or Seaborn.

We have organized the course in those 3 main topics. In each of them you will have complementary exercises that will help you better understand the concepts. For each lecture we provide a jupyter notebook, so you can reproduce the examples in your computer as well.

If you are a financial analyst this course will help you a lot, since you will leverage your financial skills with useful python scripts. This course can also help traders, portfolio managers, financial advisors and other financial professionals who want to increase their productivity, process data better and make more impactful presentations using powerful charts.

You just need very basic python knowledge. If you know how to install python and its basic libraries you can follow this course. So, don’t hesitate to jump in and start learning with us.

Who this course is for:

  • Financial analyst who want to learn useful python applications.
  • Financial advisor who wish to better comunicate with their customers showing powerful visualizations.
  • Independent traders and portfolio managers who would like to know how to download information from public APIs for free.

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