Introduction to mindfulness meditation

Introduction to mindfulness meditation

Learn mindfulness and begin/enhance your practice, reduce stress and anxiety, improve attention and increase well-being

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what mindfulness is, its history and background, and its function, purpose and benefits
  • Begin your own mindfulness practice, from the ground up and with thorough guidance and tips
  • Recieve guidance and helpful tips in establishing a consistent practice and overcoming obstacles to it
  • Bring mindfulness into your day-to-day, moment-to-moment
  • Learn and develop the quality of mindful relaxation and gentleness (non-resistance, non-judging, non-reactivity)
  • Feel the profound benefits of mindful relaxation in your life, such as stress and anxiety management, suffering reduction, emotional well-being, and self-transformation
  • Begin learning and developing the quality of mindful focus and stability
  • Practice: mindfulness of the present
  • Practice: mindfulness of the whole body
  • Practice: body scan
  • Practice: mindfulness of breathing
  • Practice: relating to difficulty with a soothing presence
  • The RAIN practice


  • No requirements or prerequisites – this course is open and suitable for anyone, any age, any background, culture and motivations
  • You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience to enjoy and benefit from this course
  • If you wish to actually develop mindfulness and experience its benefits, all you need is some degree of commitment to engage in the course and in your practice (I’ll help you with that)
  • And also be able and willing to devote some time to it: around 0.5-1 hour per week for the lessons and as much as you can and desire for your daily practice (I recommend 25 minutes, but it can be from 5 minutes to 2 hours, it’s up to you)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who just wants to learn about minfulness and maybe give it a try
  • People who are committed to start practicing and would like some help and guidance to begin
  • People already practing who wish to improve or better understand / review the basics
  • Anyone who wishes to improve themselves and how they live life in its various aspects
  • Anyone who wishes to reduce stress and suffering


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