Introduction in Paleontology from scratch – (Dinosaurs)

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My name is Andacs Robert Eugen and I will be your next tutor in Paleontology. I will do my best to teach you this beautiful subject of science.

But, first, who I am?

  • My name is Andacs Robert Eugen.
  • I learn and know a lot of things from various topics. I studied science (especially but not only physics and astronomy) with professors from the Romanian Academy of Science. I am the director and founder of the Bailey Universe website (an astronomy website) being a writer and an IT specialist in HTML and JavaScript.
  • I’m a Fossil Collector in the Paleontology field, and in this course, I will present to you some of my fossils and also other big fossils
  • I’m a national Olympian in Linguistics and Physics.
  • I love to meet new students, especially those with interests in linguistics, physics, astronomy, maths, and paleontology.
  • My hobbies (regarding science) are astronomy, physics, and paleontology.
  • I’m excited about anything new in paleontology.
  • I hope you will become my next student.

Why choose this course?

  • The course is explained by a Fossils Collector, an enthusiast in paleontology, and someone who studied science with professors from the Romanian Academy of Science.
  • A unique and full course about paleontology from scratch.
  • A low price
  • I will speak friendly and explain everything well.

I hope you will like my course and you will understand everything!

So, if you want to learn paleontology, access this beautiful journey into the past.

See you on the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn about this beautiful amazing field of science called paleontology

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