Innovation in Sports

Innovation in Sports

How New Ideas and Technology Have Changed the Way We Play and View Sports and a Look Into What the Future Might Hold
What you’ll learn

  • What innovation is

  • How innovation in business relates to sports

  • How technology can improve sports on the field

  • The ways technology is helping to enhance fan experiences

  • How a new sport can develop and spread into new markets

  • The influence of social and digital media on sports

  • How future technologies can affect how sports are played and enjoyed by fans and athletes alike

  • How innovations have significantly changed the way we view sports

  • How the adoption of new techniques can lead to significant improvements in athletic performance

  • That not all innovations are initially welcomed, and some take a long time to become mainstream
  • There are no prerequirements

Why Choose This Course?

This course has been developed to provide you with a deeper understanding of innovations in sport. You’ll learn more about what innovations are and how they can have an enormous impact not just on how the sport is played but also how fans feel about the sport. If you’re interested in developing your career in the sports industry, you’ll need to understand innovation, and its effects on athletes, sports organisations, brands and fans.

The course is filled with up to date information, providing you with current examples and statistics from major sports around the world. You’ll learn about the latest innovations and how they’ve affected sports in a multitude of ways. Rather than showing you outdated examples from one particular sport, you’ll be able to discover the latest in sports innovation from a range of sports and leagues.

This course presents you with the ideal way to learn all about the continuously evolving sports industry. While some courses might focus solely on theory and explanations, here you’ll be able to learn from real-world examples. You’ll have the chance to explore various case studies. Each case will detail how the change developed and shaped the sport. You’ll also hear from quotes of people directly involved and be able to discover exactly what it took to bring the innovation from an idea into reality.

Case studies provide an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of a subject. Rather than just gaining basic knowledge, you’ll be able to relate the theory to how it actually affects the industry. You’ll learn about what innovation is and how innovation in the business world relates to innovation in sport.

You’ll discover how innovations to techniques in sport can have a significant impact on how the game is played. The course will discuss examples of technique changes to various sports and how they helped teams and athletes to reach new heights. You’ll also discover how each innovation went from a simple idea to a game-changer.

This course goes into detail on technology and how it affects sports in all areas. Rather than present a superficial example of technology and how it can be used, you’ll learn about past, present and future applications of technology. The course will present you with case studies showing how technology can have a large impact on athletic performance and how fans access sport.

In helping to prepare you for a successful future in the sports industry, this course will also introduce you to ways social media can be used to promote sports teams, brands and athletes. You’ll discover how digital media influences sports and the innovative ways it can help promote sport to new fans across the world.

Finally, you’ll also have the chance to look at the future of sports. You’ll discover what new innovations are currently making waves in the industry and how these might develop further in the future. If you want to work in sports, you’ll need to understand that it’s an incredibly fast-moving and competitive industry. Those working in the sports industry must be able to innovate and adapt to changes constantly. The future promises to bring better technology, faster sports and more fans than ever before. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to adopt a creative approach and learn how to make the most out of technologies both old and new.

This course is designed to give you a closer insight into how sports evolve over time and the ways that progress can rapidly develop. For anyone looking to start their career in the sports industry, this course will help to broaden your knowledge of how the industry works. You’ll also learn more about how sports organisations and brands can innovate to increase their success. Innovation is critical for success, not just on the pitch but also in the boardroom.

Words from the Author, Saam Momen:

I have a true passion for teaching! I have proudly taught university courses in Switzerland, USA and Brazil. My career spans over 15 years in the sporting industry with jobs at the London Olympic Bid Committee, UEFA, CSM and TEAM Marketing. I possess a Master Degree in Sports Management and an Executive Education diploma at Harvard Business School on The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports. I hope that throughout this course you are able to have a wonderful learning experience! Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any queries.

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Who this course is for:
  • Sport management students
  • Marketing and innovation enthusiasts
  • Sports managers
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