Hypnosis -The Complete Advance Hypnosis (With Demonstration)

Hypnosis -The Complete Advance Hypnosis Program For Fun (With Demonstration)


The Amazing Secrets Of A Master Hypnotist That Lets Others Hypnotize Anytime, Anywhere

Learn How To Hypnotize Anyone in 30 Seconds or Less!

Learn how to hypnotize and give demonstrations anywhere either with friends or family in parties!

Have you ever wanted to hypnotize someone?

Have you ever seen one of those performances on the sidewalk, or may be in a bar and wondered how it was done?

I will teach you how to place your subject into a hypnotic trance, and then implant suggestions into their subconscious mind.
If you want to master the art of hypnosis, in only one short hour, this is the workshop for you!!!

HYPNOTIZE your clients, friends and family

  • This workshop provides you with the tools and techniques to hypnotize anyone.
  • You can lay a deep and powerful impact on others and impress others.
  • Have fun hypnotizing your friends and try these methods on complete strangers.
  • You will be admired and respected as you will become a MASTER HYPNOTIST.

Pride and Confidence as a Hypnotist

As you begin hypnotizing and develop your knowledge and understanding of Hypnosis, your levels of personal pride and self-esteem will soar. A successful Hypnotist will usually be a proud person with great confidence, And a strong ego and a high sense of self-worth. If you want to be a Hypnotist and hypnotize others – and are prepared to put in the effort – then you probably can be!

In fact, you are about to discover exactly how it’s done, so that even if you’re a total beginner, in less than one hour you will be able to hypnotize and show off the incredible power of the mind…..

This workshop provides you all that you need to become a MASTER HYPNOTIST.
This course teaches you simple and easy techniques to put a person into Deep Hypnotic Trance.

  1. Eye Open/Waking Hypnosis.
  2. Hypnotic Language Pattern.
  3. Oriental Pressure Point Message.
  4. Power Of Suggestions.
  5. Non Verbal Hypnosis.
  6. Psudo Hypnosis.
  7. Body Magic Ttricks.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for everyone who want to Master The Art Of Hypnotism

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