HTML and CSS ( 2 in 1 ) course from zero for beginners 2022.

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Learn HTML and CSS from zero for beginners on this (2 in 1) course 2022.
You, Will Learn How To Install and setup Your web development complier or editor from Zero and add extensions.
You, Will Learn HTML and basics and higher things from zero if you don’t know anything about HTML.
You, Will Learn CSS and basics and higher things from zero if you don’t know anything about CSS.
You, Will Learn the requirement shortcuts in web development.
You, Will learn important vocabularies in web development.
at the End of the course, you can build your own website.


no need for any programming expertise .

this course is from zero.

this course will start from the most basic things like setup the code editor, and important shortcuts.

the course will be updated from time to another time.

this course is about HTML and CSS.

what you will learn in this course :

  1. You will learn how to set up your code editor.
  2. You Learn important shortcuts.
  3. HTML tags and higher things :
    • the main HTML structure.
    • head and meta and title.
    • text formats.
    • insert video.
    • insert audio.
    • insert an image by link or from your device.
    • how to create a link.
    • underlined and quoted text.
    • lists.
    • comments.
    • HTML layout.
    • form.
    • iframe.
    • abbr and dfn.
    • form.
    • input types (text, email, password, button, etc.)
    • table.
    • attributes.
    • favicon.
    • emojis.
    • headings.
    • span tag.
    • div tag.
    • br tag.
    • radio input.
    • Fieldset and details.
    • margin, padding, border.
    • datalist and option.
    • block and inline elements.
    • responsive.
    • other tags.
  4. CSS :
    • CSS syntax.
    • selectors.
    • priorities.
    • units.
    • CSS comments.
    • lists properties.
    • box model properties.
    • grouping.
    • nesting.
    • overflow.
    • z-index.
    • outline.
    • curser.
    • pseudo-classes.
    • colors on CSS.
    • media.
    • attributes.
    • background.
    • font properties.
    • text Styling .
    • padding, border, margin.
    • width and height.
    • position.
    • display.
    • float.
    • hover and active.
  5. log in page.
  6. you can make your website at the end of the course.

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