How to Enjoy Wine More AND Spend Less Money

How to Enjoy Wine More AND Spend Less Money

You can learn how to spend less and avoid being bamboozled by wine snobs
What you’ll learn

  • Enjoy wine

  • Save money buying wine

  • Avoid being conned by the wine industrial complex

  • Improve your wine drinking experiences
  • A willingness to question everything they’ve ever heard about wine before
  • An interest in enjoying wine and saving time and money

How to Enjoy Wine More AND Spend Less Money – Wine Course

The world of wine can seem overwhelming to the beginner. “How am I supposed to remember thousands of producers over 50 years?” “Will I look cheap or stupid if I order this wine?”

Unfortunately, the wine industry is a rapidly growing world wide big business. And it is often in the business of fooling and intimidating consumers into thinking “more expensive” equals “better.”

In this course, TJ Walker teaches you how to see through the elaborate cons used by the wine industrial complex to part you from your money. Yes, wine can be a great, life-enhancing experience. But you don’t need to devote half your free time or disposable income to enjoy drinking wine.

This course is not for the aspiring wine snob, sommelier or someone who wants to show off his/her “good taste” by bragging about a fancy wine collection. This course is for people who are new to wine and want to enjoy wine while spending the least amount of money and time possible learning about all the ins and outs of wine.

The course is filled with simple, practical advice and how to tips on how to get the most enjoyment and value out of every glass and bottle of wine you buy and drink.

Enroll in this wine appreciation course today.

Who this course is for:
  • For new wine drinkers
  • For people who want to save money on wine
  • For people who have a vague notion that “wine experts” are full of BS
  • NOT for wine experts
  • Not for aspiring sommeliers
  • Not for the pretentious
  • Not for those looking to impress others with their wine “knowledge”


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