How To DESIGN CHARACTERS for comics, games and animation

Character Creation | Animation Design | Game Design | Color Theory


Are you interested in learning how to design unique and memorable characters for games, comics, or animation? Look no further! This course, titled “How To DESIGN CHARACTERS,” offers a comprehensive guide on creating iconic characters from start to finish. As a student, you’ll have personal contact with the instructor and lifetime access to course materials. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how professional mech illustrations are created. Plus, you’ll have the support of the instructor and the Udemy Q&A section or through direct message.

In this course, you’ll learn about the “dirty dozen” units that make up the foundation of character design: the origin story, simplified structures, bodytypes, articulation, simplified anatomy, silhouettes, power sets, symbols, color theory, costume choices, personalities, and styles. Each unit covers a different aspect of character design, helping you understand how to give your character the vibe you want and why certain design elements work better than others.

Instructor Ed Foychuk has a proven track record in teaching, with tens of thousands of students, and presents the material through easy-to-follow videos and templates. This course is perfect for artists of all levels and is offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out with confidence. So why settle for copying existing characters when you can create something original? Enroll in this course and learn the skills to make your own distinctive characters that stand out in the game design, comic, or animation industries.

Who this course is for:

  • Artists who want to learn how to design memorable and recognizable characters for use in games, comics, or animation
  • Students or professionals who are interested in the character design process for games, comics, or animation
  • Anyone looking to improve their skills in character design and illustration
  • Those who want to create original and distinctive characters for their own projects or for use in the industry
  • Anyone who is interested in receiving guidance and support from an experienced instructor and a community of fellow students.

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