Hotel Management Course – Hotel Management for Career Start

Hotel Management Course – Hotel Management for Career Start

Learn hotel management basics, dive into hotel operations, succeed in your hotel management career and become a manager
What you’ll learn

  • Hotel Management Structure

  • Departmental Operations

  • Professional Hotel Terminology

  • Secrets of Career Success
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader installed
  • Be able to read simple mind maps
  • Interest in hospitality

What is the hotel management? How does the hotel industry work? How to succeed in a hospitality career?

Register for this course and get your answers today!

This hospitality course is the EASIEST WAY to learn practical hotel management.

If you are about to start your first hotel job and/or interested in hotel management strategy, this course is what you need. I made it as useful as possible for you to have a complete understanding of hotel operations. The unique delivery style will allow you to learn every hotel department through its functions, systems, reports, relations, and professional terminology. You will be able to understand practical hospitality management basics, pick the right hotel department for your career and learn how to become a manager.

When I started my first hotel job as a restaurant server, I did not know much about hotel management structure and professional terminology that is essential to your career progress. As a waiter, I begin to familiarize myself with cash handling procedures, POS system, inventory, PAR level and a night audit. There were even more terms for me to learn as I moved to the Front Office department and started to get management-level jobs with more responsibilities and better pay.

Long story short.

Now allow me to explain to you the structure of this course:

Part 1: Introduction of the Course

Part 2: Hotel Analysis – Front Office, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing

Part 3: Hotel Operations – Quizzes

Part 4: BONUS Material (Secrets of Career Success)

Studying hotel management will help you uncover other hospitality and tourism job opportunities within your home country as well as around the world. All you have to do now is register for this course so that you can make an informed decision about hotel management career and hospitality overall.

If you find this course useful please feel free to leave your honest review and a star rating so that I can make it even better and help you succeed in your hospitality career.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to start their first HOTEL JOB
  • Beginners who want to learn INDUSTRY BASICS
  • Students & Fresh graduates
  • NOT intended for experienced hospitality professionals
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