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Two of the most important aspects of Guitar playing are “Rhythm Guitar” and “Lead Guitar” It is a dream of every beginner to be able to strum the strings and sing your favourite tunes. It all starts, from learning the “chords” and “chord progressions”

Above all, a good guitar player is always the one who maintains groove and time. And that is the most important aspect of playing music – Playing in Time! The significance of Rhythm Guitar playing is often overlooked; but in reality, that’s the most important part of playing music. This course will help you develop skills that are required to play the Rhythm Guitar. Designed for all beginners, you will learn everything concerning the Rhythm Guitar – Right from the most important chord shapes, to using them in Chord Progressions with strumming patterns and a Metronome!

What will you learn from this course?

-Shapes of all Major, minor chords

-6 Chord Progressions Involving All Open Chords (Maj, min)

-Strumming Patterns for the Open Chord Progressions

-How to play them using a metronome?

-How to add variations to the strumming patterns?

-Bar Chords, Power Chords

-Suspended Chords & Additional Chords (Extended Chords In Open Position)

-10 Extra Chord Progressions (with separate strumming pattern for each) – For Daily Practice

-12 bar blues progression

-Metronome track in different BPM to practice!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Level Guitar Students
  • Guitar Lovers
  • beginner guitarists

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