GRAMMAR: FIGURES OF SPEECH – Creating pictures with words.

Giving colour to our words and phrases


Enhance and improve your knowledge of English with figures of speech. Figures of speech will introduce you to the artistic aspect of the English language. It uses words and phrases in a non-literal manner for more dramatic effect. It relies on suggested meaning in order to express ideas and comments. It creates tone, expresses mood and conveys emotion.

By taking this course, you’ll learn to express yourself in more creative ways and add splashes of colour to your speech and writing.

At the end of this course you will:

  • know the difference between figures of speech (figurative meaning) and parts of speech (literal meaning);
  • be able to identify and define different kinds of figures of speech;
  • be able to use figures of speech when speaking;
  • be able to write creatively;
  • add humour, wit, personality and emotion to your writing;
  • feel more included when speaking to natives as you’ll be able to understand them when they use figures of speech;
  • have a deeper knowledge of the English language;
  • improve your vocabulary;
  • have knowledge of cliches and slang used by natives.

When speaking, listening, writing or reading, it will awaken your imagination. Knowing figures of speech and how to use them is like knowing another little world within the English language.

Who this course is for:

  • Learn interesting and creative ways to express yourself.
  • A willingness to broaden your speaking and writing skills.
  • A willingness to improve your vocabulary.
  • A desire to feel more included in the English speaking community by understanding and being able to use Figures of Speech.

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