Got Hip Pain? Do This Now! No Surgery Required!

Got Hip Pain? Do This Now! No Surgery Required!

Learn to overcome chronic hip pain and hip impingement without the need of surgery!

What you’ll learn

  • Do it yourself Self-massage techniques using a variety of muscle releasing tools.
  • Recognize your functional limitations so you can focus on the right muscles.
  • Re-establish the ability to rotate your hip joint. Through Flexibility and Mobility techniques.
  • Fire up the stubborn muscles that have been flatten by years of sitting in chairs.
  • Aquire knowledge of learning how to get back into shape again.
  • Uncover the Unseen Story of Hip pain!


  • Come in with an open mind!
  • Massage Tools/Instruments; such as a foam roller, message ball( Yoga, tennis or lacrosse ball) and a Back Buddy or Trigger point Cane to begin with.

Who this course is for:

  • Do-it-yourself online beginners course.
  • Anyone with ongoing hip pain from all age groups and fitness levels.


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