GMAT Exam Simulation Workshop

GMAT Exam Simulation Workshop

Passing the GMAT Has Never Been Easier!

What you’ll learn
  • Evaluate your TRUE performance
  • Predict your GMAT score
  • Simulate GMAT Exam
  • Approach Any Question Type
  • Take the GMAT with Confidence
  • Be Familiar with the Structure
  • Desire to Predict Your Score
  • Desire to Simulate GMAT Exam
  • Desire to Evaluate your TRUE performance

Take this step by step GMAT exam simulator to prepare for your real GMAT exam.

Filled with expert advice from the test creators you can now boost your score by taking this simulation workshop.

The workshop will walk you through the entire test experience from score reports to detailed answer explanations and will provide you with effective test-taking strategies.

With this workshop you can:

  • Review the entire content of the GMAT so you’ll know what to expect
  • Understand the procedures you’ll follow when you’re taking the GMAT
  • Be ready for the types of questions you can expect to find on the test
  • Adopt test-taking strategies that are right for you
  • Learn in feedback section “What You’ve Learned” tips from real graders
  • Finally feel comfortable and confident that you’re prepared to do your best on test day

Reading your exam study book and learning the GMAT theory only goes so far. At some point you are going to ask yourself:

“Am I ready to take this exam?” 

With the GMAT Exam Simulator you can access a realistic, online, computer-based exam environment to answer tens of sample questions before heading out for the exam room.

The Exam Simulator not only provides with high-quality questions that are very exam-like, it also provides detailed explanations for all the answers and a good best practice would be to spend just as much time going over your results as you spent in taking the exam.

For example, if you spend three hours on a full exam, then you should spend another three hours reviewing all incorrectly answered questions.

So, learn effective test-taking strategies, manage your exam time effectively, gain confidence with each exam you take, and ultimately reduce your study time.

The GMAT Workshop Materials are Taken from Past Papers and Cover Full 3 hrs 30 minutes exam. Add to cart now!

Who this course is for:
  • Take this course if you’re getting ready for the GMAT


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