Fundamentals of Trigonometry

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A primer on the theory and beauty of angles, triangles, and their relationships
Complete right triangles given two sides
Complete 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 triangles given one side
Evaluate trig functions (e.g. sin(90)=1)
Convert between radians and degrees and vice versa
Use the Unit Circle to evaluate Trig functions
Use the arc functions to determine a missing angle measure
Prove identities
Complete non-right triangles using the Law of Sines, the Law of Cosines, and the Law of Tangents

This course is a rigorous approach to basic Trigonometry. It sets out to show the foundations of the subject in a theoretical way. By reading a formal textbook, watching PowerPoints on each topic, and taking actual tests, students will gain a deep and thorough understanding of the necessities of the subject.

This course will teach concepts such as the sine, cosine, and tangent function, radian measure, the use of the Unit Circle, identities, and more. There are 15 lectures with almost 4 hours of content. Students will receive a full textbook (with selected answers) and have access to three tests is .pdf format.

This course has been designed to help introduce students to Trigonometry and its basic skills. High school students seeking to prepare themselves for a Pre-Calculus or year-long Trigonometry course are part of the main audience, but this course certainly can benefit others looking to review this material, or simply learn it from a more theoretical standpoint.

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