Flask Hacking Mastery

Build & Break Secure Web Apps


Ever wondered how hackers sneak into websites? Want to both build cool Flask websites and find their weak spots? You’re in the right place!

In “Flask Hacking Mastery,” here’s what you’ll dive into:

  • Building Flask Sites: First, we’ll craft simple web apps with Flask. You’ll see how they work and how they might break.
  • Get Your Hack On: We’re all about hacking here—but the good kind! Learn to poke at servers and Flask apps, finding places where bad hackers might get through.
  • Spot the Weak Points: We’ll talk about common tricks hackers use, like SSTI, brute force, and more. More importantly, you’ll learn how to stop them.
  • Keep Secrets, Secret: Those special things called ConfigVars? Hackers love them. We’ll make sure you know how to protect them.

Dive deep with us into the fascinating world of ethical hacking, learn how potential threats can be turned into robust defenses, and become an advocate for a safer digital landscape. By the end of our journey, you won’t just be a developer; you’ll be a guardian of the web. Join us, revel in the thrill of ethical hacking, and take a pivotal step towards making the web world a more secure haven for everyone!

This course is perfect for anyone who loves building websites but wants to be sure they’re safe from hackers. Join us, have fun hacking (ethically, of course!), and make the web a safer place!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Web Developers
  • Cybersecurity Enthusiasts
  • IT Professionals
  • Tech Entrepreneurs

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