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J&J & SAP Best Practices for Solution Architects, IT Consultant & Business Analyst; Online case study practice course


Do you want to fly in your IT or consulting career higher than most others by gaining excellence in solution design?

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This course is based on 16 years of my life experiences at Johnson & Johnson learning all about designing and developing new products and solutions

This course is built on my experiences at Johnson & Johnson Consumer as Director of Operations driving a Signature of Quality Initiative for J&J Consumer India. During this initiative I was fortunate to learn all about the Process Excellence Tools like Six Sigma, Lean and Design Excellence and then apply them in the Operations to make some significant business gains. I was also fortunate to lead a Cross Functional Team for SAP implementation which gave me lot of first hand knowledge of how to go about designing solutions to help business do better. All these experiences took shape into this course at IIM Udaipur preparing the MBA students for roles like Business Analyst, IT Consultant, Solution Architect etc.

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“it was great to have this, because this course taught me so many this which I never expected I will learn this opened my mind for various business and solution design aspects.”

“The course is led by a knowledgeable instructor and it was fantastic. The course material was straightforward and the quizzes and assignments provided valuable depth to the learning process. Real-world examples added a practical touch, and being able to download the slides was really helpful. I’d definitely suggest this course to anyone who wants a simple, engaging, and informative learning experience.”

“This course offers extensive knowledge and insights in this field. Arun Sir’s years of experience in solution design enhance the learning experience exponentially. The course covers various aspects of solution design using real life examples. Active participation through quizzes and assignments enables the practical application of skills but discussion section is missing. It is beneficial for professionals and beginners alike, providing a rare and valuable learning opportunity to open doors in the solutions architect role”

“the explanation of the terms is short and crisp. quiz after every small lecture makes it more easier to understand. a few real life examples of companies using these methods would suffice. overall, the course is totally recommended.”

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Preview for yourself many lectures for FREE covering each section. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and build Excellence in Solution Design to fly higher than most others! If don’t like the content, please message me about how can we modify to meet your expectations.

Please remember that this course comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee using which you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied after doing the full course

Who this course is for:

  • Information Technology Professionals
  • MBA Students
  • IT Consultants
  • Software Developers
  • Technology Consultants

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