encoding and decoding in python

encoding and decoding in python

understanding the concepts of encoding and decoding and how it is done in python

What you’ll learn

  • definition of encoding and decoding

  • different representations of numbers

  • numerical data types

  • encoding methods in python

  • converting decimal to hexadecimal and binary and vice versa manually and in python

  • why binary ? transistors as switches
  • no prior knowledge is required even though some basic python knowledge might help

in this course , first we talk about different numerical data types and also different representations of numbers . and we start to convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal and binary and vice versa both manually and in python . after that we define deep concepts of encoding and also the definitions of unicode , utf-8 and so on. and then we introduce different encoding methods in python and where they could be applied.

Who this course is for:
  • software developers
  • python developers
  • programmers who want to go in the security field


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