Email Marketing – Copywriting and Growing Your E-mail Lists

Write Effective Sales Copy and use my proven TEMPLATES to grow your business Instantly


You hear the phrase all the time. The money is in the list. The money is in the follow up.

But how do you grow an email list? How do you follow up?

After spending literally years, studying other successful marketers, learning copywriting, and customer psychology, I finally created a brand new system for my clients.

I will hold your hand and build this system with you. Email by email, sequence by sequence.

I know how frustrating it is to sit in front of a blank screen with writers block, trying to come up with the perfect sentences to build relationships and sell your products.

That’s why I have tested and perfected tons of templates that you can use.

Most entrepreneurs fail because they did not take the time to build a simple system to contact their potential customers. I’ll take a step further and really over deliver.

We are going to go on an Easy Email Marketing adventure.

I am going to do all the copywriting with you and build your easy email marketing system in just a few days. So that by the end of this short course, you will be open for business.

Just like what my previous students and clients did.

Check out my client’s case studies and let make you my next success story.

Jun Wu

Your Biggest Cheerleader

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs trying to grow their online business from scratch

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