Effective Delegation – Principles and practical concepts

Learn and understand how to delegate effectively


Effective Delegation is a skill that is sometimes overlooked.

It is assumed that people will know how to delegate and delegate effectively naturally.

However, many experiences shortcomings from the lack of understanding in relation to this topic.

Delegation and doing it well is crucial to the success or otherwise of many supervisory or management roles.

Anyone in a Senior or Supervisory role at some point or another need to delegate some work out to others.

In doing so, we need to understand what the essential features of doing that effectively is.

  • The values of the organisation, goals and objectives are vital at the initial and all through the process of determining what is meant to be delegated.
  • Identifying what is to be delegated: tasks, processes etc is essential.
  • Ensuring the process, task is optimised and well documented will ensure better outcomes than if this isn’t done at this time.
  • Assessing if a process is optimised and running through a checklist is helpful (included in the course).
  • Defining the role, profile, experience, qualifications or attributes of the person to deliver these helps the effective execution of the delegated process.
  • Stating clear and precise responsibilities of the role, the supervisors participation is always a vital feature
  • Upward delegation helps ensure that the delegated role holder gets the right and needed support
  • Where new, Ad hoc and emergency delegation is required, these need to be explored
  • Remote working and how to achieve effective delegation.
  • Dispute resolution as it relates to delegation comes up more often than one would think and this modules takes a look at how to avoid and resolve these.
  • Effective delegation during a crisis is often overlooked until needed. Worth including now before it is required
  • Continuously confirm and assess delegation outcomes
  • My Effective Delegation framework helps pull all the features together into one view and serves as a good chart to download.

Overall, effective delegation impacts us all as we interact within work, with service providers and product manufacturers.

It is important in our daily lives.

I believe this course adds to the essential knowledge to execute effective delegation in any organisation.

Who this course is for:

  • New Managers
  • Senior Management
  • Business Management
  • Supervisors
  • Company Directors
  • Anyone with Delegation responsibilities

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