Economics for the Thoughtful Student

Economics for the Thoughtful Student

An unusual approach to learning Economics

What you’ll learn

  • A sense of pride that merely by enrolling they have helped dogs
  • A greater understanding of Economics (as taught by dogs)
  • Be aware of surprising parallels between ‘Trumponomics’ and ‘Dogonomics’
  • If you own a dog you will now look at your ‘friend’ in a whole new light!
  • Economics and decluttering
  • Consumerism v minimalism
  • Is minimalism bad for the economy?


  • Be open to the idea of helping a charity and ……
  • …learning some Economics!
  • Think creatively when faced with photos of smiling dogs!¬

Who this course is for:

  • Economics students!
  • Anyone and everyone who loves/likes dogs


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