Dive Deep into Statistics

Let’s enjoy Statistics

Gain expertise in Statistical concepts

Good command over concepts of Random Variable

Combinatorial Probability Skills

Sampling Theory

Inferential Statistics

Probability Distributions



Welcome guys to the course Dive Deep into Statistics. Statistics is like salt in food, required in every industry and for general purposes. This course Dive Deep into Statistics will sharpen your statistical skills and will get you to another level in Statistics. A well-structured course on probability and statistics in the curriculum will help students understand the concept in depth, in addition to preparing for examinations such as for regular courses or entry-level exams for postgraduate courses. You will have command over topics such as Probability Theory, Descriptive Statistics, Random Variable, Probability Distributions, Statistical Inference, Correlation and Regression ,etc. So guys fasten up your seat belts and get ready with calculator and Statistical tables for an amazing joyride in Statistics. Practice, Practice, Practice that’s the only key to succeed in this course. This Practice course is divided into 5 sections:

Section 1 – Probability and Descriptive Statistics

Section 2 – Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Section 3 – Sampling and Statistical Quality Control

Section 4 – Inferential Statistics

Section 5 – Correlation and Regression

Anyone who wants to study Statistics for fun will definitely find this course super amazing.

The course contains a total of 380 questions with total time of 400 minutes.

Wishing you All the very best for the course. Hope for your great and successful future.

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