Learn Wing Chun

Discover Your Own Kung Fu


This Wing Chun course is meant for students of all levels, from those who have no experience to those who are teachers.

This course comes with 5 lessons (workouts) with me so you can put to practice immediately what you’ve learned.

Through this course, u will get an idea of how to train Wing Chun and get fitness benefits as well.

This course is based on my 10 years of teaching as well as my experience as a Teacher / Sifu.

The video course contains the following lessons:

1. Siu Lim Tao – form – Teaches us relaxation and generally the first idea of ​​training

2. Basic exercises – Develop coordination, improve conditioning.

3. Advanced exercises – Advanced exercises – a small upgrade of basic exercises

4. Creative exercises – Creative exercises – give us the freedom to train and create exercises

5. Partner exercises – Exercises in pairs with which we apply previously learned exercises with a partner.

Anyone who is interested will be able to learn through lessons and simply practice because the course itself is adapted to all ages and no prerequisites are required.

This form of training is practically applied and adapted to all participants.


● WING CHUN is about precision, balance, and self-control.

● It’s about fighting smarter not harder.

● It improves our focus, builds our confidence, and gives us more energy.

● Through Wing Chun, we learn how to move and breathe more smoothly.

● It teaches us how to use our inner power, how to attack fast, and how to defend


● Moving your whole body as a unit, creating power from the elbow and hips, and

delivering energy from the ground, are the main principles of Wing Chun.

● With a relaxed body and mind, we can achieve greater speed and power in our

attacks and defense.

Let go of your fears, defeat the enemy inside you and discover your own

Kung Fu.

Who this course is for:

  • For everybody who wants to get better conditioning, flexibility and relaxation of the body.
  • Who wants to learn Wing Chun suitable for everyone

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