Diploma in Couples Therapy and Counselling (Accredited)

Become a Couples Therapist – and/or sort out your own problems right here!


First and foremost, completion of this course will give you the Oxford Diploma.

To achieve the standard you will have:

1. Participated fully in the Q/A

2. Worked through the 8 case studies and given your assessment

3. Fully understood Couple Therapy

4. Have worked through (either on your own or with others) the many exercises and activities for couple

5. Become familiar with – and proficient in – the Mind Map approach

Even if you’re not interested in going for the Diploma, this course has a wealth of activities, activities for experiencing and discussing!

The key to all Counselling is communication, which involves discussion, active and reflective listening and a desire to move forward.

To aid this there are a number of unique features of this course such as:

1. 15 cartoon summaries of the key points. This have been especially drawn for this course

2. 8 case studies – short films – where students are asked to give advice. this advice is then commented on by a very active and involved Instructor

3. Many exercises and activities to try out and report back on

4. A heavy emphasis on discussion; experimentation and feedback

5. Nine mini-case studies where students are asked to give advice

6. An active Q/A

Right from the very beginning you will be asked to actively listen but also to pause and reflect and then give your comments and analysis in the Q/A. These comments will then be discussed and learning will take place.

This course also includes the ‘C.A.R.M.E.L.A.’ approach to counselling which was developed in Israel and is also now used in Oxford UK.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who wish to learn about Counselling
  • Anyone who wants to help self and others using couple therapy and counseling techniques.
  • All studying the theory of counselling
  • All who want practical help in Counselling
  • Many Case Studies for discussion, learn whilst doing

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