Digishock 1.0: Experience World-Changing Technologies

Explore world-changing technology tools and technologies in 2022

Learn how to create an operating system without code in 2022

Learn how to create branded apps without technical effort

Learn how to create an own Alexa-based voice-based assistant

Learn how to convert design to code in 5 minutes

Welcome to the exhaustive course series “Digishock”.

Digishock 1.0: Experience World-Changing Technologies” is the first course in this ultimate series. Ready to know what it is all about? Let’s dive right in.

“Digishock 1.0”  is the ultimate technology course in 2022 to make you a technology expert today. This is the first beginner’s part course of getting involved with Machine Learning and the unique technologies associated with the field. Most of my students have been waiting for me to launch this course and now they are very happy that it is launched.

In this brilliant and wow-inspiring course created by myself – Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” and my co-instructor “Vindhya”, you will simply learn about the various world-changing tools used to create an Alternate Operating system or what we call – a Virtual Operating (Virtual OS) system, for that matter. You will also learn to operate your PC with voice, get introduced to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual voice assistant for your PC, and master the process of installing android/IOS for your PC and Mac – for the first time ever. It will be like a dream come true.

The most useful tool for non-coders is revealed in this course and it serves to be one of the best tools of this course. You will be able to write lakhs of lines of code in mere minutes by using the most powerful upcoming tool. We call it the “SECRETIVE TOOL OF THE YEAR”. It leverages a unique drag-and-drop visual builder that helps you prototype and creates an MVP up to 6.5 times faster than any AI coding software that is available.

You will also learn how to convert the design into code with ease and speed. We have taken a lot of time and effort to research these websites or tools that are taught here and we only provide you with the best and most trusted ones, after all. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) tech is used in each tool which will help in doing things in the fastest and most effective way possible – eliminating a lot of human effort whatsoever.

No prerequisites or coding knowledge is required to learn this course.

Enroll now and welcome to the future. 

Let’s begin. Happy learning. 

As usual, it’s time to boom your learning.

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