Design Thinking for the Employee Experience Crash-Course

Design Thinking for the Employee Experience Crash-Course

Learn how to turn the design thinking process inward for your employee experience.

What you’ll learn

  • What the design thinking process is.
  • How the design thinking process can be used for the employee experience.
  • The benefits of design thinking.
  • What organizations tend to get wrong about the design thinking process.
  • The five-step process to design thinking.
  • How using design thinking for the employee experience differs from using design thinking to solve customer problems.
  • Examples of organizations who have used design thinking for the employee experience.
  • Getting buy-in and overcoming the challenges that design thinking can create


  • Anyone is free to enroll. Please watch the “Is this course for you” video before purchasing to see if taking this course on design thinking is right for you.
  • Do note that this is focused on the employee experience, but the framework and fundamentals of design thinking are the same, so you can apply it to other areas.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their employee experience.
  • HR or People & Culture managers looking for different ways to improve their employee experience
  • You work for an organization that is struggling with your employee experience – whether high turnover, or disengaged employees
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