Deep dive into Unit Testing

.NET, Unit+Testing, Fake+Stub, Mocking, Data Driven Tests, Xunit, Testing+Techniques, Web API Tests, All Levels


All dotnet developers looking to develop new skills and take their career to the next level – this is the course to help you get there!

This course is focused on the Unit Testing .NET Core / .NET 6 Projects with xUnit .net, an open-source unit testing tool for .Net Framework and .Net Core/6 applications and the standard tool for unit testing C# VB. NET and F# projects in Visual Studio.

Overall, this course is for everyone and for all the levels as it is designed to understand and learn about the technicalities in unit test cases.

Being a proficient and confident user of this tool will allow you to execute essential .NET core development tasks.

In this course, I will teach you:

  • The basics of the xUnit .net
  • Learn unit testing from scratch
  • How to write organized Unit Test Cases
  • How to use data-driven testing capabilities
  • Run and Debug Unit Tests
  • How to use mocking frameworks, including MoQ
  • How to test legacy code
  • How to write unit tests for .NET Core Web APIs
  • Implement unit testing in N-tier real world web application project using XUnit

Questions are always welcome from students and can be asked in the Q&A section of the course. I endeavor to respond to these quickly to create an engaging learning environment for my students.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Unit Testing engineers curious about testing application
  • Intermediate Unit Testing engineers curious about techniques
  • C# Developers
  • .NET Core Developers
  • Xamarin developers
  • Testers and QA Engineers

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