Davinci Resolve Cinematic Color to Any Footage

Davinci Resolve Cinematic Color to Any Footage

Become a Color grading pro with DaVinci Resolve
What you’ll learn

  • How to create Project in Davinci Resolve

  • How to Use Project setting

  • How to import footage in DaVinci resolve

  • How to create a timeline

  • How to create a timeline with different settings

  • How to add edit your footage

  • How to add music into The timeline

  • How to see edit video or beats

  • How to stabilize shaky footage,

  • How to mask footage

  • How to color-grade footage

  • How to use color wheels

  • How to use different nodes

  • How to use the mask with the tracker tool

  • How to track footage

  • How to use face refinement tool

  • How to add a cinematic bar in video

  • How to use different editing techniques in a timeline

  • How to make your video slow motion

  • How to use speed ramp

  • How to export video

  • How to use different export setting and format
  • Students with a little bit of knowledge of video editing will be the best for this course
  • Students should have Davinci Resolve in their Computers or laptops

In this course, you will learn

how to get the full cinematic color grade for any footage.

Most of the grading tutorials use stock footage most of the stock footages shot on very professional Hollywood level cameras.

Those footages can have a lot of color information them selfs so it’s easy to grade those footages

But The real challenge comes when you try to grade your footage with those specific methods.

90% of the times you failed to achieve your desired specific look.

And in 80% percent cases even LUTS won’t help you to get your desired results

So here I am to help you

we will see some practical scenarios like most of the people will have

We will use footage from consumer-grade cameras even you can use your cell phone footage if you want we will grade them to achieve a full cinematic grade

At the end of this course, you will have no longer hesitation to color grade any footage either it’s shot with your cell phone camera, consumer-level camera or Hollywood level professional cameras.

We will use Davinci resolve 16 but you can work on the previous version of Davinci resolve and can get the same results

The course will not cover all the tools in DaVinci resolve the course is 85% concentrated to enhance your color grading skills for any possible scenario

while I added some of the basics that will help you to import your footage edit that footage and ad music and voice-over and 

export it into any format.

Who this course is for:
  • The students who are familiar with premiere pro and also doing video editing and color grading in premiere pro and want to step up and jump in the color grading in Davinci resolve this course is best for them. this will get their color grading game to the next level
  • People who are having a little bit of knowledge of Davinci resolve but not familiar with color grading techniques and want to step up in color grading game this course is best for them.
  • The people who are not good in color grading and their videos do not look good for the lake of color grading this course is best for them
  • people who are having cameras and want to make some travel videos with color grading but not sure how to color grade them this course is a bonus for them
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