Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms

What you’ll learn

  • Theoretical concepts related to basics of algorithms
  • Abstract Data Types 
  • Data Structures like – Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, 
  • Searching and Sorting Algorithms
  • Practical implementation of data structures and algorithms using the C++ programming language


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Good understanding of C++ programming language


In this course we have covered:

1) Theory & algorithms:
Understand the working of DS and algorithms that operate on them.
Visualize Data Structures in the form of diagrams & DRY-RUN algorithms step by step to understand the working

2) Practical Implementation (Programs):
Implement the DS and algorithms in the form of computer programs using the C++ programming language.

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers who are new to the programming world
  • Experienced Professionals who want to brush up their skills in algorithms
  • Beginners who wish to learn Data Structures and Algorithms from scratch
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