Creatives Guide to Master for Success in the Music Business

Unlock your Creative Genius: Master your craft, become proficient in the Music Business and Optimize Your Career !


This course, created by The Brook Brovaz, offers a comprehensive analysis of the key areas that every creative should understand and apply to build a successful and sustainable career in the music industry. The course is designed like a conversation, packed with practical advice, and covers a wide range of topics, from production and performance techniques to brand awareness and monetization. You’ll receive course exercises and learn how to jump-start your music career.

The Brook Brovaz’s approach will change how you understand the music business, guide you in creating your compositions, and help you turn your passion into profit. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to tell your story using rhyme, melody, rhythm, and harmony. In addition, you will be able to unlock all the marketing tools you need to take your brand to the next level all while mastering creative expression.

This course focuses on Music Production, Music Theory, Songwriting & Hip-Hop Origins and Artistry, Music Sync Licensing and Marketing, Sound Discovery and Branding. It’s unlike any other course available, offering the elite cheat code from Silver & Shak-Trauma, who are already Multi-platinum, Emmy Nominated, and have worked with some of the hottest upcoming Billboard Grammy Award Winning Artists.

The class is designed for entry-level musicians and artists who have little to no knowledge of music and the music industry. The Brook Brovaz will cover the fundamental building blocks of music and the business in a new light, designed to elevate your practice to new heights.

Who this course is for:

  • Creatives, looking to break in and position themselves properly in the music industry.
  • Creatives, looking for tips, exercises and expertise in music composition and songwriting.
  • Creatives, looking for expert knowledge in marketing and branding.
  • Creatives, looking to receive advice from certified successful entertainers.

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