Create Amazing Self Portrait Photography & Edit in Lightroom

Create Amazing Self Portrait Photography & Edit in Lightroom

The ultimate guide for photography, how to create self-portraiture in fun and creative ways & use Lightroom CC Presets

What you’ll learn

  • Become a master of self-portraiture and capture your true beauty.

  • Discover new parts within you from a new angle.

  • Express yourself visually and create amazing self-portraits.

  • Learn the basics of photography – ISO, aperture, shutter speed & using a light meter

  • Learn how to create meaningful self-portraits with creativity.

  • Learn how to focus when taking self-portraits.

  • Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom Presets.

  • Get 10 Lightroom Presets and use them on your own self-portraits.

  • How to choose the right location for a photoshoot.

  • Understanding light and exposure in photography.
  • Come as you are 🙂
  • Willingness to try something new and have fun!
  • Get ready for a Self-Portraiture journey.
  • Should have a camera
  • To be able to see and hear presentations

Welcome to the ultimate course for creating amazing self portrait photography & image editing using Adobe Lightroom Presets.

If you want to know how to use your camera properly and crave creating epic, beautiful and powerful self-portraits (selfies) – you are in the right place! Create Amazing Self Portrait Photography & Edit in Lightroom offers creative experience, formation, and development. You are given the opportunity to start your journey with photography from the beginning.

This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to use their camera better and start or improve their self-portraiture photography skills. This is the ultimate photography course for beginners, as you don’t need any background knowledge.

It’s an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life. This course will take you to another level of intimacy with yourself in the most creative way and will guide you to an epic journey of self-expression full of fun, pleasure, enjoyment, excitement and embracing a new perspective about yourself.

This course is designed to give you everything you need to know to start your journey of photography and self-portraiture from learning, planning & creating.

About the creator – I’m Idit Nissenbaum, a multimedia artist specialized in self-portraiture. I hold a BFA in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where I received the Chairman’s Merit Award. Taking self-portraits helps me to express my love for myself and my true voice. It’s really about bringing light into others’ life and teaches them how to shine their light as bright as it can be and express it.

By the end of the course, you will know the basics of photography, the process of taking self-portraits and different ways of expressing yourself, using your surrounding and low budget accessories. You will be able to create self-portrait photographs in many shapes and forms.

Join the course today and express your true essence, your true beauty.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in gaining new photography skills.
  • Anyone who wants to learn tools to be more creative and create self-portraits.
  • Anyone who is interested in self-expression in a unique way.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Anyone who wants to be more creative.
  • Photography for beginners and camera owners
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