Create 3D NFT – METAVERSE Character -Make Avatar With Expert

Create NFT 3D METAVERSE Avatar W useful tips. NFT Course includes; 3D modeling, 3D texturing and 3D rendering tips.
You will learn how to make basic models with Blender 3D.
You will learn how to Texturing with Blender 3D.
You will learn how to Rendering with Blender 3D.
You will learn important tips for practical use.
3D character modeling for METAVERSE Projects
3D modeling for NFT projects
Make an avatar
Designing 3D NFT Art
Modeling 3D Metaverse Avatars

Hello my dear students.

Crypto, blockchain technology, NFT and METAVERSE is the bright and smiling face of the future. In addition, it has a brand new and strong income potential as it will be innovative and in need of development.

Modelling 3D NFT / METAVERSE Character With Expert

Blender 3D: Let’s Model an Easy 3D Owl character with Blender 2.93.  In this course, which I published on the giant education platform Udemy, we will learn shortcut tips for modeling, texturing and rendering operations with you. I hope it will be a productive, understandable and enjoyable lesson for you. As we know, 3D modeling is both a hobby and a huge industry that provides a lot of income. Listen and apply complex points from me in simple and understandable ways. If you have any problems or have any questions, you can contact me. Rest assured that I will help you with all my effort and heart.

You will need a computer and the Blender 3D program for this lesson. The program is installed quite easily. This course is especially for my intermediate students who want to make realistic models with Blender 3D. In this course, I teach very useful shortcuts to students who use the Blender program and want to improve their skills.
Together we will model an owl and add the texture material. While doing this, I will teach you easy shortcuts that make a difference by improving your skills. Metaverse, NFT and digital art technology is an important and highly lucrative opportunity for aspiring designers.

The core products of NFT art markets on Ethereum and many other blockchains consist of 2d and 3d visuals. There are many alternative desktop programs for designing, creating and combining these images. We will make practical models with Blender, which is the most useful and FREE program among these programs. Get ready for a lucrative sail to the world of NFT and CRYPTO!

You can make an avatar with Blender 3D when you complete this course !

You can use 3D models for NFT!

Now digital art has proven to be an essential part of the new and bright future!

Everyone who completes this course will have the necessary knowledge to create NFT Tokens using the 3D modeling method.

The METAVERSE , which is the technology of the future, is a set of multiverses consisting entirely of 3D models. Develop your skills in the developing and growing technology and information sector.

The world of informatics carries the rising trade of NFTs in valuable NFT marketplaces on its shoulders.

3D characters or, in other words, “3d avatars” are powerful parts of the virtual colorful world of the future. We will hear terms such as CryptoArt, blockchain, metaverse, NFTs more often and louder in the future. With the expansion of the color palette of the NFT world, the sector is getting more and more valuable and attracts the attention of many giant companies. For this reason, the need for Expert Crypto Artist, NFT designers, 3D modeling experts is increasing day by day on a global scale.

So what does metaverse mean? What is the connection between 3D NFT and Metaverse technologies?

NFTs are mostly virtual works of art; consists of music, painting, digital arts, 3D models. It’s pretty easy to diversify. 3D modeling has an extremely critical role at the core of these new technologies. With 3D modeling, you can design NFTs, create Metaverse characters, create 3D Assests for virtual plots you buy on Metaverse platforms, and color your own world. Models that you will display exclusively as your own design offer you a technological and cutting-edge opportunity to create virtual value. You can set up your own team with 3D models and NFT and Metaverse characters that you will create with my 3D metaverse and NFT collections design courses. Just focus! A team of software developers and 3D designers can build a 3D metaverse. For this original metaverse, you can create your own NFT exhibit by designing 3D NFTs! The only thing you need for all this; It’s a strong start.

The word metaverse is very popular today, when the blockchain technology, which started to develop a long time ago, is at its peak. To simplify this concept, which many of us have heard for the first time; we can call it multiple virtual universes.

The fact that Metaverse technology brings together institutions and individuals in an online environment modeled and created in 3D represents a bit of teleportation technology. Because this innovation will renew the definition of sociability as everyone is included in the universe by choosing their own unique avatars.

As we all know, many Mega companies are investing heavily to develop VR glasses. Although it is still not widely used in many countries, this technology will shape the future. Because touch phones, which are owned by almost everyone nowadays, were not a technology that everyone could reach once.

In summary, what do you need for this course;

-An ordinary computer.
and the Blender 3D program installed on your computer (you can download it for free from the Blender official site.)

You can create 3D models with your 3D modeling knowledge that you will learn in this course. You can then sell the files you have created as digital art in the appropriate NFT markets. The bright future of NFT and Metaverse technology is now almost clear. You can create NFT and develop NFT sales strategies by increasing your knowledge and skills with trainings for these new technologies. It is known by many of us that NFT character collections, which we frequently encounter on many NFT sales platforms, can provide high income to their creators. I hope anyone with an interest in digital arts, NFT blockchains and creating Metaverse assets will be able to easily model using blender 3D with practical tips in this course. This course can fully meet the needs of anyone who needs visual design training, especially to create NFTs. And in doing so we will use Blender 3D, the FREE open source program! Let’s move on to my course for more details and tips.

This course will guide you through:

-3D Modeling

-3D Design

-3D Texturing

-3D Render

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