Cracking the JavaScript Coding Interview: Top Exercises

Ace your coding interviews by understanding important JavaScript concepts and practicing the most relevant questions!

Grasp how JavaScript works and its fundamental and advanced concepts

Understand advanced concepts such as closures, JavaScript events, callbacks, ‘this’, recursion, and much more.

Learn what programming interviews are like and what kind of questions to expect

Learn the the most relevant skills, concepts, and techniques necessary to excel in JavaScript coding interviews

Gain real practice with seeing actual questions that companies ask

Crack the Javascript Coding Interview with ease!

The Cracking the JavaScript Coding Interview course provides around 30 practice problems comprised of different topics and solutions related to JavaScript and general programming concepts. Students will be able to solve problems from a wide range of JavaScript coding questions. Anyone looking to prepare for front-end, JavaScript related interviews, and general coding interviews will benefit greatly from this course. Students will learn what kinds of programming interviews are like and be exposed to commonly asked JavaScript questions. They will also be able to master the relevant skills concepts and techniques necessary to excel in their upcoming coding interviews.

Students will be able to understand both the fundamental and advanced concepts in JavaScript. Some of the most popularly asked JavaScript concepts that this course covers are hoisting, scopes, the ‘this’ keyword, browser methods, the event loop, callbacks, promises, async await, closures, currying, JavaScript events and some commonly used Array methods in Javascript such as bind, filter, map, call and apply. This course also covers more general programming concepts like recursion, objects, operators and array manipulation. This course is best for students who have some beginners knowledge or intermediate in JavaScript or programming, but do not need to have an advanced level of knowledge in JavaScript. Overall, this course will benefit anyone who is looking for a job or is preparing for any upcoming interviews.

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