Corporate Etiquettes and ethics

Learn how you can incorporate etiquettes in your work life


This course is going to teach you how you can incorporate good etiquette at the workplace and be considered and liked to be a good Professional.

Hi, I am Huma Ejaz. I have been working as a professional for the last 15 years and I have learnt how adopting certain etiquettes can really help you climb the professional ladder.

Why shall we learn etiquettes;

Behave sensibly and appropriately at the workplace and create an everlasting impression.

To look professional, as it fosters a respectful culture, which should see conflicts be handled in the correct way. Professional behavior also helps staff avoid offending clients when they have a different perspective, as well as offending those from different cultures or backgrounds.

Etiquette is behaving in a socially responsible way.

One needs to be disciplined at the workplace.

You will learn the following in detail ;

•Introduction of Corporate Etiquettes

•Importance & Types of Corporate Etiquettes

•Incorporating Etiquettes at Workplace

•Do’s and Don’ts at Work Place

•Explanation of Basic Etiquettes

The ideal course for job seekers, promotion seekers or anyone who needs to review or enhance their business etiquette soft skills for the job interview, at the office, business mixers, corporate professionals and off course the ones who are keen to learn good skills.

Good Luck and enjoy learning

Who this course is for:

  • Business Professionals

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