Conflict Resolution training

Conflict Resolution training

How to anticipate, understand and handle a conflict on a positive manner

What you’ll learn

  • The subtle signs of conflicts before they are visible

  • Some hidden causes of conflicts

  • How perceptions and assumptions lead to conflicts

  • Human behavioural types and their impact on conflict

  • Steps to clarify a conflict

  • Communication as key element to solve conflicts

  • Best practices for conflict solving
  • Open mind
  • sense of observation

In this conflict resolution training, you’ll the whole spectrum of conflicts and how to positively resolve them.

Very often conflicts arise very silently and unnoticeable. If you don’t tackle on time they will keep growing and escalating.

This course will allow you to read the signs and anticipate before they escalate to bigger proportions.

These are some of the areas/lessons I’ll address in this course of conflict resolution:

– Difference between problem, disagreement and conflict

– Aspects of a conflict (Danger/risk vs opportunity/possibility to improve)

– Causes of a conflict, Signals of a conflict

– Perceptions and how we process info, leads to conflicts

– Behavioural styles and their impact in conflicts

– Steps to clarify a conflict

– Conflict styles and outcomes

– Communication is key to conflict resolution

– Best practices on conflict resolution

By the end of the course you’ll have a deeper understand of how conflicts arise and grow, how to anticipate and how to tackle them on a win-win outcome.

At the end of the course you’ll have a section with support material and templates, downloadable.

You’ll also find a slide pack explaining how this course is relevant to your career.

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals of any background struggling with conflicts at work
  • Any person with conflicts in their personal or private life
  • People with difficulties to face conflicts
  • Students still in school or about to enter professional life
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