Ultimate Electrical Design and Fundamentals

Master the Essentials: Electrical Systems – Theory and Design Calculations (more contents will be added weekly)


This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with a deep and holistic understanding of electrical systems, covering key aspects such as theory, design, safety, installation, and testing. Participants will embark on a journey through the fundamental principles and example of applications that form the backbone of electrical engineering.

  • Electrical Systems Theory: Participants will delve into the theoretical foundations of electrical systems, exploring concepts such as circuit theory, network theorems, and analysis methods. The course will provide a solid grounding in the principles governing electrical systems, ensuring a strong theoretical foundation for subsequent modules.
  • Design Principles: Building upon the theoretical framework, this segment focuses on the design principles of electrical systems. Participants will learn to conduct load calculations, select appropriate equipment, and create efficient layouts. Emphasis will be placed on adhering to industry standards and codes to ensure safe and reliable system designs.
  • Safety Protocols: The course prioritizes safety in electrical systems. Participants will learn about shock protection, fault current protection, and the implementation of safety measures in electrical installations. Practical scenarios and case studies will be employed to reinforce the importance of safety practices in the field.
  • Installation Guides: Practical skills take center stage as participants master electrical installation techniques. From simple installations to final circuits, the course will cover wiring methods, and connection practices to ensure participants are adept at translating design concepts into real-world applications.

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn electrical circuit theory
  • If you want to learn how to design electrical distribution system
  • If you want to learn how to test and electrical installation
  • If you are an electrical technician or engineer who wants to attain a qualified license in electrical profession
  • If you want to learn about electrical machines
  • If you want to learn about earthing systems
  • If you want to learn about switchgears
  • If you want to learn about protective devices
  • If you want to learn about design calculations
  • If you want to refresh your electrical engineering fundamentals

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