College Loopholes

College Loopholes

Get a Plan Not a Student Loan

What you’ll learn

  • A Better Way to Do College

  • Earn College Credit Without Taking a Course

  • Graduate Debt Free

  • Get a Plan Not A Sudent Loan
  • Be Teachable
  • Open Minded
  • Willing To Accept a New Way To Do College, but Get the Same Degrees as Other Students.

Techniques Universities  won’t tell you: How to Graduate College Without Debt and Half the Time

Discover what most colleges and universities don’t know or won’t tell you. In this eCourse you’ll learn how you can go to college without obtaining debt and how to create a college plan to cut the time in half. The methods I share are tried and true.

I’m going to teach you how to earn a college degree without ever getting a student loan. This is a completely overlooked strategy on how you can go to college and in half the time at a fraction of the cost, saving you thousands of dollars and years of your time.

And you can learn this method in a few basic steps.

Whether you have been out of school for years, worried about your children’s college, how to afford college or ways to get accepted in low or no SAT/ACT scores.

My goal is for you to learn these secrets for earning your college degree, half the time and with minimal funds with no student loans.

Our Approach:

My teaching method can be summed up in three bullets:

· How to design your degree plan

· how to earn and transfer credits to your school of choice

· How to avoid college fees

I take a practical approach to college. These aren’t tricks or gimmicks. They are steps based on years of experience and research on how everyday people can go to college and earn a degree.

Although I have a lot of knowledge, I have a simple way of breaking these methods down. So I promise, the course will surprise and motivate you.

I kept this course concise, compact and actionable because you’re busy and you want change NOW! I got you.

The Seven Steps for Creating Your College Plan and Finding their loopholes are:

1. College Loopholes vs. Traditional Route

2. Skipping SAT/ACT

3. Degree Plan Overview

4. Locating Colleges

5. Transferring Crediting

6. Ph.D. myths

7. Cutting College Cost in Half ( or more)

I mean, come on…with titles like that how could you not take this course?

How This Course Will Change Your Life:

You can begin earning college credits right away.

You can actually earn a college degree in half the time and a fraction of the cost.

You can choose an accredited college and avoid taking SAT/ACT.

Let’s Banish:

· Student Loans

· Taking Classes that You don’t Need

· 4-6 years of college

· College Cost

· Not going to college because it’s too expensive

What People Are Saying About Us:

” I had no idea that this method existed. Dr. Kinney, thank you!”

— Ashley Rogers

“All I can say is, WHAT???? I wish I knew all of this sooner. However, my kids will definitely be going to college using these college loopholes.

— Lisa Smith

” She provided me with realistic strategies to obtain my college degree.  I am impressed with the wisdom and knowledge Marita shares with her students. I have already began using her methods.”

– Sarah Lacey

What are the requirements?

Be open to a new way to get the same result: A College Degree from an accredited College

What am I going to get from this course?

· Practical Methods to earn a college degree

· How to Save Time

· How to Save Money

· How to Create a Plan to Earn a College Degree

· How to Transfer Credits

· How to Skip SAT/ACT

· Admissions requires that are overlooked

· How to Know What Courses to Take

· Ways to Earn College Credit

· How to Begin

· How to Earn a FREE Ph.D

What is the target audience?

· Entrepreneurs

· Everyday People

· Business

· Investors

· Homeowners

· Veterans

· YOU!


Marita Kinney

Author and Publisher

Marita Kinney is a best-selling author with over 57 books published. As a published author, life coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Marita has inspired thousands of people to overcome adversity with triumph through faith and perseverance. Capturing the true essence of what it means to turn “lemons into lemonade”, she has taken the harsh lessons of life and developed a plan for successful living.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Earn College Credits right away

  • Learn the college process

  • Where to go to earn credits even if you’re not enrolled in a school

  • How High school students can earn college credit

  • Learn methods to save money

  • You’ll be able to cut college time and cost in half

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Students need to be teachable and willing to complete the recommended homework.

  • Be willing to learn and execute the methods being taught.

Who this course is for:

  • Peope who are interested in earning a college degree

  • Real Estate investors

  • Stay-at-home Moms

  • Teenages

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Veterans

  • Business Owners

  • Everyday People

  • People looking for extra income

Who this course is for:
  • Young Adults
  • Military
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High school Students
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone who desires to earn a college degree
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