Clubhouse Audio Chat App: Ft. Bre Donofrio & Matthew Rolnick

Clubhouse Audio Chat App: Ft. Bre Donofrio & Matthew Rolnick

Learn Clubhouse to Network, Moderate Rooms, and Become an Influencer. Taught by Top Clubhouse Influencers & Moderators

What you’ll learn

  • Clubhouse vs. Traditional Social Media Apps
  • Clubhouse Content Guidelines
  • Clubhouse App Key Features
  • Mastering Clubhouse Hallway, Stages, Rooms, Speakers, Moderators, Audience, Clubs
  • Clubhouse Invitations & Notifications
  • The Clubhouse Algorithm
  • Clubhouse App Settings
  • Optimizing the Clubhouse Bio
  • Clubhouse Search and Explore Feature
  • Managing Clubhouse Invites
  • How to leverage social media for job search.
  • How to use social media to build an audience.
  • How to be an Influencer on Clubhouse
  • Futre trends in social media.
  • Tips on effectively networking and building connections using various social media tools.
  • How to be a Moderator on Clubhouse
  • What is Clubhouse?
  • Clubhouse Bio, Notifications, Events Calendar
  • Clubhouse Rooms, Stage, Tools


  • Basic Computer Skills

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in Mastering Clubhouse for Building an Audience
  • Students interested in Moderating Rooms on Clubhouse
  • Students interested in Social Media Marketing
  • Students interested in learning future trends of social media.
  • Students interested in building an audience and online presence.
  • Students interested in leveraging Clubhouse for networking
  • Business owners looking to expand their reaching through Clubhouse
  • Students interested in learning the Clubhouse Algorithm
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