Chartered Civil Engineer Preparation Course – The full Guide

This course will explain the preparation steps for becoming a professional and chartered engineer from UK



Welcome, aspiring engineers, to the Chartered Civil Engineers Preparation Course by ICE – the Institute of Civil Engineers. I am delighted to be your guide on this transformative journey toward achieving professional accreditation in the field of civil engineering. This course has been meticulously crafted by seasoned engineers who not only have the credentials but also the passion to mentor and support those on the path to professional qualifications.

Course Description:

Our Chartered Civil Engineers Preparation Course is designed to provide you with a clear and structured pathway toward obtaining professional accreditations from esteemed engineering institutes. Developed by engineers with approved mentorship from professional institutes, this course aims to share invaluable knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to empower and support individuals heading towards their professional qualifications.

  1. Module 1: Professional Qualifications: Understand what makes a good engineer and learn the basics for your accreditation journey.
  2. Module 2: Registration Guide: Get a step-by-step guide to easily navigate the registration process.
  3. Module 3: Academic Assessment: Master showcasing your education in a way that matters for your career.
  4. Module 4: Engineer Attributes: Explore essential qualities for becoming a successful engineer.
  5. Module 5: Career Progress: Know how your work journey adds up to your engineering qualifications.
  6. Module 6: Review Process: Learn about the review process, from start to finish.
  7. Module 7: Written Skills: Develop essential writing skills for your engineering tasks.
  8. Module 8: Application Success: Find out how to stand out in your applications with your unique strengths.
  9. Module 9: Examples and Materials: Use real-world examples and materials to make learning practical.
  10. Section Quiz: at the end of each section to in fill any missing gaps.

This course is tailored for aspiring civil engineers seeking professional accreditation from esteemed engineering institutes in the UK , this course will provide you with the necessary guidance and resources to navigate the path towards becoming a chartered civil engineer.

Examples are attached in the course resources

Full course slides -PDF

Career appraisal report CA-IPD Example

Professional review Report Example

CPD Report Example

Professional review presentation example.

Useful tips and advice from previous chartered Engineers

See you in the course! Let’s dive into this exciting journey together and start building the foundation for your success to be the next professional engineer. With dedication, perseverance, and the knowledge gained from this course, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your journey towards professional accreditation and make significant contributions to the field of civil engineering.

Who this course is for:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Project managers

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