Certification in Point & Figure Chart & P&F Chart Patterns

Certification in Point & Figure Chart & P&F Chart Patterns

P&F Chart Pattern Trading System – Learn to Use Technical Analysis & Chart Patterns For Stock Trading & Value Investing

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Advantages of Point & Figure Chart in Stock Trading
  • Learn Point & Figure Chart Patterns like Breakout of Symmetrical triangle Chart Pattern & Others for trading stocks (Based on P&F)
  • Learn Point & Figure Charts through Stock Trading Case studies like Coca Cola, Bank of America, Pepsi Co. Charts
  • Learn Breakout of Descending Triangle Chart Patterns based on Stock Trading & P&F Charts
  • A simple trick to know your odds of success in Stock Trading
  • Use little-known techniques to greatly reduce Stock Trading risk and maximize profits
  • Point & Figure Chart is a Top Chart in Technical Analysis
  • Point & Figure Chart is an import part in getting Technical Analysis Certification
  • Master Technical Analysis most lethal chart


  • No prior trading experience is necessary
  • You will need a practice Trading Account
  • Open Mind and not judging the Strategy from past learning
  • You commit that after the course you will do demo trading on this strategy for at-least 6 Months.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in earning an extra income from home
  • You should not take this course if you aren’t willing to dedicate some time and discipline to learning the strategy
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