CBT for anxiety and panic

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The primary goal of psychology as a discipline is to contribute to the scientific understanding of mind, brain, behaviour, and experience and of the complex interactions between these. The programme will develop knowledge and understanding of scientific endeavour and the role of empirical evidence in the development of theory relating to human behaviour. It will provide an opportunity to develop skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods and an opportunity to conduct research independently. Applications of psychology will be core to all modules as well as a focus on how psychology can be applied to problems in different regions and cultures of the world. Students will develop breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding in key areas including: health, forensic, work, and positive psychology.

Psychology graduates work in a variety of areas. A growing number of graduates work in health education, health promotion, health administration and health audit, others are involved in the organisational aspects of delivering health care and work within the health service.

Learn the theory and practice of CBT for common anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder,

his comprehensive, on-demand, multimedia course will show you how to apply evidence-based cognitive and behavioral interventions for clients diagnosed with anxiety disorders through lecture, role plays

Who this course is for:

  • anyone interested in cbt

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