Career Advancement Strategies: Module-III

Elevate Your Career with In-Depth Counseling and Proven Success Tactics


1. What is meant by education planning within the context of career counselling?

2. Career Counsellor advise the client on educational requirements for chosen careers. Comment.

3. What type of discussion the career counsellor may make with the client regarding college, vocational training or certification options?

4. What is meant by financial implications of education planning?

5. What are those factors due to which the cost of education may vary?

6. The career counsellor helps the client to compare the costs of different education options. What is the benefit of the same to the client?

7. What is the full form of R.O.I.?

8. If the client is having some financial problem, the career counsellor may give some suggestions so that the client may continue with his studies. What may be those suggestions?

9. What are the various forms of costs of education?

10. Education plans are not static. Comment.

11. Some events in life can necessiate a shift in education plans to accommodate new realities. Can you name a few of such events?

12. How the career counsellor can identify the current skills and competencies of the client?

13. What are those factors on the basis of which tailored made recommendations are made to the client with respect to suitable training programs or skills building activities?

14. What recommendations are usually made by the career counsellor to the client to fill gaps in skills and competencies?

What is meant by lifelong learning? Why the career counsellor lay emphasize on lifelong learning?

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