C Programming:The best approach to learn C Language

C Programming:The best approach to learn C Language

Become a master of C Programming Language in an informal and practical way

What you’ll learn

  • Write C programs in an effective way.

  • Know pointers thoroughly and make their own programs.

  • Operate on linked lists effectively.

  • Allocate and deallocate memory spaces accordingly.

  • Deploy and run their own real time applications

  • Perform manipulations over stacks and queues.
  • This course is designed for beginner to advanced level of students.
  • Prior knowledge of programming would be beneficial but not compulsory
  • Basics of Computers
  • Knowledge of any Text Editor on which you can write code

In this course, we’ll explore C programming language in an informal and practical way. We’ll start with the basics of C programming language, then quickly unravel the mystery of C programming language i.e the pointers. The course contains these topics which are the foundations of each programming language:

-Variables, Data Types and Operators

-Loop Statements and Functions

-File Handling and Command Line Arguments

-Arrays,Structures and Memory Management

-Pointers and Linked Lists

-String Handling Functions

-Stacks and queues Data Structures in C Programming Language

Who this course is for:
  • Students who have no prior knowledge of programming and want to begin from the scratch.
  • Proffessionals who wish to revive their C programming skills beginning from scratch moving to deeper concepts.


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