Build A Chat Application With Firebase, Flutter and Provider

Make a complete mobile messaging application like WhatsApp or Telegram using Flutter, Firebase and Provider Framework!


Do you want to build a complete chat mobile app just like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger? This is the course for you!


In this course, we’ll use the best in Flutter and Firebase to build a complete chat application from zero to deployment called Chatify that you can release on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.


  • An Amazing Real-time Messaging Application
  • A recent Conversations Page just like other popular messaging apps
  • Finding other App Users with Full-Text Search
  • Media Sharing between Users ​
  • Realtime Messaging
  • Profile Customization (i.e. Display Name, User Bio, etc)
  • Authentication
  • Using Device Camera and Image Library for Image Uploads
  • Creating Group Conversations


  • A Complete Masterclass on Firebase / Firestore with Flutter ​
  • Provider State Management Framework
  • Uploading Media Files with Firebase Storage + Image Compression Techniques ​
  • Authentication with Firebase and Flutter ​
  • Taking Pictures / Picking Images for Upload with Flutter ​ ​
  • Build and Deploy Firebase Functions ​
  • Complete CRUD Functionality in Realtime with Cloud Firestore ​
  • All the Realtime Firestore Database Triggers (onCreate, onUpdate, onDelete) ​
  • Working with Streams, Futures and Updating State ​
  • Media Queries and Device Orientation for Responsive App Design
  • Handling Async Data with FutureBuilders, StreamBuilders, and Async / Await Functions
  • Animations and Page Transitions
  • SVG Images and Image Caching for Performance ​
  • Form Validation and Error Handling ​
  • Custom Theme Creation and Fonts ​
  • Tons of Practical, Straightforward and Repeatable App-Building Patterns ​
  • And much more!​


Deep, Fine-Grained Learning – This course is jam-packed with information. I made the course that I most wanted to take and as a result, I didn’t skimp on the details. You’re going to cover more topics and material in greater depth than ever before.

100% Real-World Practice – My goal is to get you writing code as much as possible. And not just any code–we’ll be working exclusively on practical tasks that are instrumental in building your own amazing real-world apps.

No-Nonsense, Spot-On Explanations – Every lesson is to-the-point. I break down what we’re making, how we’ll be doing it and what the final product will look like, all on top of helpful and illustrative descriptions to aid your understanding along the way.

I really enjoyed making this course and I think you’ll enjoy taking it just as much.

Looking forward to seeing you within the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile and web developers looking to build impressive real-world, production-ready apps!
  • Flutter developers looking for a challenge
  • Developers looking to delve into the world of Firebase

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Flutter Developers
  • Aspiring Firebase Developers

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